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Running with e-Gel and e-Fuel


"e-Gel and e-Fuel kept me strong on my first Adventure Race! I gave this product a try and was a little skeptical of how it could really work. Well, after the 5 hour bike ride up a mountain and a 1.7 mile run to the top of a mountain in between... I had no doubts. e-Gel also helped my teammates get through dehydration, exhaustion and cramps. Awesome!! We will have e-Gel with us on all of our races. " (...continue reading)

Atlanta, Georgia
Sport: Adventure Racing
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   


Kevin Williams

"I wasn't sure which energy gel to purchase, as there were a ton on the market. After some research I went with e-gel because it didn't have caffeine and it was the best bang for my buck. Man was I thrilled to have it with me on Tough Mudder! We took one every hour or so on our adventure and I didn't once feel fatigued. I can definitely attribute my success on Tough Mudder Tri-State 2011 to the use of e-gel. We killed it and none of my 7 person team were exhausted thanks to the electrolytes and sodium in e-gel." (...continue reading)

Burtonsville, Maryland
Sport: Adventure Racing
Products Used: e-Gel   


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