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Scuba Diving with e-Gel and e-Fuel

Fillmore Crank

"Average Joe review....I am scuba diving instructor and for my birthday I decided to start some running. As I began to train for running I was introduced to the "other" gel. It did not do much for me nor did it taste very good. I discovered Crank e-Gel on my own and orderd the trial pack to see if it worked. The answer: YES and it tasted better that the other stuff. The energy levels are more sustained and not as "peaked" as some of the others. I am so pleased with the results I get that I am not only using e-gel for my runs (I am only doing half marathons at this time) but also for my scuba diving as well. I love the hydration and energy I get from e-Gel in between my 2nd and 3rd deep dives and my half marathons. e-Gel really is SUPERIOR to all the others. I am just a regular guy, master scuba diver, sky diver, commercial plot, mountain biker and now a half marathoner...I am 60 years young and very e-gelerized!! " (...continue reading)

Carmichael, California
Sport: Running, Scuba Diving
Products Used: e-Gel   


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