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Playing Soccer with e-Gel and e-Fuel

Michelle Kuhnen

"I have used e-Gel and e-Fuel for many years now and nothing compares to it! I initially tried the e-Gel as a mid-distance runner, and for the first time didn't experience stomach cramping. During my collegiate soccer career, I found e-Fuel to be the best drink to prevent heat exhaustion - which playing in the humid Florida heat was hard to escape!" (...continue reading)

Asheville, North Carolina
Sport: Soccer
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   


George Myers

"Started using e-Fuel to find a way to increase energy output for the fast and aerobically challenging sport of indoor soccer. To my amazement it worked. As a goalkeeper I kept my e-Fuel bottle in the goal and took sips throughout my matches. The result was an incredible and exponential increase in reaction time and leaping ability. At the end of games the opposition are always in awe of my ability to make difficult and incredible saves. I will continue to use e-Fuel because it tastes great, dissolves rapidly and provides an exponential increase in energy for the demanding physical activitiy of indoor soccer." (...continue reading)

Alameda, California
Sport: Soccer
Products Used: e-Fuel   


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