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Walking with e-Gel and e-Fuel

Nicki Riddle

"I am a very active 60 year old women that bikes, kayaks, skis and distance walks, AND has been a diabetic for 40 years. I decided to enter my first marthon this summer. I was fortunate in discovering this absolutely wonderful product. I take a E-Gel packet to begin and then every hour and check my blood sugar. With the use of E-Gel I can keep my blood sugars up and not bonk. A very important thing to a diabetic! I feel so good the whole time I am walking and finish my walks with so much energy to spare, I manage to clean my house etc. I LOVE IT!.

I should mention that I no longer have leg cramps because of the potassium levels in this product. I have been spreading the word to all my friends,"
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Lewiston, Idaho
Sport: Walking
Products Used: e-Gel   


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