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Crank Sports designed e-Gel and e-Fuel to be the most advanced energy gel and hydration drinks available. Here is more evidence that we've succeeded:
Athlete:    Don Mrla     Location: Whittier, California 
Sport: Running   Products:  e-Gel and e-Fuel


I am a recreational marathon runner, and fuel my trail training runs using e-Fuel loaded into either a lumbar bottle pack or CamelBak MULE, depending on distance. I run 3-4 days a week, typically 10-12 miles each, with a long run of upwards of 20 miles. All runs are on fire road-type trails (Skyline Trail in Puente Hills/Los Angeles...anyone else there?).

e-Fuel is very palatable, even several hours into a run when the ice has melted and the fluid is ambient. I used to get leg cramps at about the 9-11 mile mark, but I believe since switching to e-Fuel, the electrolytes have eliminated that problem.

This stuff mixes so easily, and equally importanty, cleans up easily. Who wants a reservoir with traces of sugary-juice causing all sorts of organisms to take up residence.

Don Mrla
Whittier, California
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