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Athlete:    Nadine Echeverry     Location: Lakewood, California 
Sport: Running   Products:  e-Gel


I just finished my first marathon, and I am singing the praises of your product! I have been training with Team In Training/Greater Los Angeles Chapter/Long Beach since May. In August, a few of us went down to San Diego for the "America's Finest City" 1/2 marathon as part of our training. We went to our very first running Expo, and tried your products. At first, I bought them just because I LOVED the taste compared to the Clif shots I had been using. Also, I LOVED the consistency of your e-Gel, in that I didn't feel like I had to chew it!

I used up all the gels I bought the week before the Long Beach Marathon. In desperation, I called your facility, and was very pleased to find out that you had free shipping. I was willing to drive to San Juan Capistrano to pick it up, but FREE shipping was great-and expedited shipping for the cost of a gallon of gas these days!

The online shopping was painless, and my husband liked that it was a secure sight. My order confirmations kept me hopeful that my Cherry Bomb would arrive in time for my big day. It sure did!

I used one gel every 45 minutes (per my running coach's instructions), and one water bottle an hour to stay energized, hydrated, and cramp free-I mean CRAMP FREE!! I felt strong and secure in my pace all the way until the bitter end when I passed up 2 guys side by side. I am not a fast runner, nor I am I the lightest weight runner, but I finished my first marathon in 4:43, and the great part is, I felt so great that I am already planning a half in December, and the Los Angeles Marathon in March 2005.

Nadine Echeverry
Lakewood, California
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