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Crank Sports designed e-Gel and e-Fuel to be the most advanced energy gel and hydration drinks available. Here is more evidence that we've succeeded:
Athlete:    Joseph Swenson     Location: Livermore, California 
Sport: Ultra Running   Products:  e-Gel


I am an Ultra-Runner and a proficient sweater and I need to take in large quantities of salt to keep from shutting down during training runs and races. I was relying on salt caps along with other Gel's like GU to try and maintain my metabolism but it was easy to get the mixture wrong and bonk. e-Gel just has made this a little bit simpler for me. I get nearly all the salt I need in one e-Gel and sufficient calories to last me about an hour. I am a big runner (6' 3", 195 lbs) and the smaller gel packs just don't provide enough nutrition and not nearly enough salt. In addition, I have found that no matter how bad I am feeling e-Gel always goes down easy and stays down. They really help me maintain my performance level. I am 49 and am running some of my fastest trail times ever this year. I plan on using e-Gel as my main electrolyte / energy gel at Western States 100 mile Endurance run this June, bypassing the aid station's GU which made me so nauseous by mile 80, I almost did not finish the race. This year I am hoping e-Gel can take me to a 20 hour Western States finish. The stuff is amazing.

Joseph Swenson
Livermore, California
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