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Crank Sports designed e-Gel and e-Fuel to be the most advanced energy gel and hydration drinks available. Here is more evidence that we've succeeded:
Athlete:    Dan Cadriel     Location: Glendale, Arizona 
Sport: Triathlon   Products:  e-Gel


Cherry Bomb e-Gels saved my Ironman debut life! I discovered Crank Sports e-Gels at the inaugural Arizona Rock and Roll Marathon in 2004. My marathon regime consists of 6 gels (1 every 4 miles) during a marathon and have had a hard time in the past getting other gels down my throat. That was before I discovered the great taste and electrolyte benefits of Cherry Bomb. After experiencing my best marathon finish line kick ever, I continued to use e-Gels at every triathlons and marathons I entered. I ran in the Orange Marathon on December 5, 2004 and then returned to the Arizona Rock and Roll Marathon five weeks later with 6 Cherry Bombs in my pockets. Both finishing times qualified me for Boston! I competed in my very first Ironman at Ironman Arizona after 17 years in triathlon . With horrid winds on the bike, I was nervous about my marathon. I packed my 6 Cherry Bomb e-Gels and I was off to a sub 4 hour marathon including a sub 7 minute mile at the finish line! The Ironman distance is all about nutrition and pace. I was so pleased with the experience and the endurance that the e-Gel formula gave me. I plan to continue to use Crank Sports products as I conitue to set PRs. Thank you Cherry Bomb!

Dan Cadriel
Husband, Father, Triathlete, Ironman, Cherry Bomb Lover!

Dan Cadriel
Glendale, Arizona
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