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Athlete:    Rick      Location: Lithia, Florida 
Sport: Cycling   Products:  e-Gel


April 1st 2012, I just completed my first across the state of Florida (coast to coast) bike ride - a one day event 170 miles, Sunrise to Sunset. I'm 52 years, and have been riding a road bike since November 20th 2011. I bought 16 packs of E-gel a month ago, I have used one e-Gel pack for each of my Saturday rides, which are 70 miles (training). I have to tell you, I have nothing to compare too, but I finished my 170 miles using 7 e-Gel packs, my ride took 10 hours to complete, averaging 17 mpg, facing a 10-15 mph head wind the entire day. I have to say, after the ride, my legs were not sore at all. I had a 3 hour car ride back to Cocoa Beach and then I drove to Tampa 2.5 hours (total time awake 23.5 hours), I did not cramp up, and my legs and body feel remarkable, I don't know for sure, but I really have to say, it has to be the e-Gel !! - BTW my longest ride ever was 70 miles. I'll do the ride next year with some of my riding buddies, they would be foolish not to use the e-Gel. They have many years of training, and they were very impressed with my results, for I have only ridden a bike for 5 months. I'm sold on e-Gel

Lithia, Florida
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