Marathon Training with e-Gel

One of the golden rules of running a marathon, triathlon or any endurance event is to not change anything on race day, and this applies to your nutrition as well. If you plan on racing with a gel it is important that you also use the gel during your training. By training with the product you ensure that your body doesn't have a problem with it on race day, and you "teach" your body to tap into this supplemental source of energy.

Before building e-Gel into you training program, we strongly recommend that you first read about the importance of proper hydration for gel users.

Short Training Runs
In your shorter training runs (approximately 7 miles or less), the use of gels is far less important than in your longer runs. If you choose to use a gel during these runs we recommend taking it with a few (4 to 8) ounces of water 5-10 minutes before you go out the door. In addition, gels are more likely to be beneficial when your glycogen stores are low (ex. first thing in the morning).

Intermediate Training Runs
Intermediate distance runs (8-12 miles) are good candidates for gel training. For these runs we recommend using either one or two e-Gel packs. If you are using one, it can be taken either immediately before or any time during the run. If you choose to use two gels, we recommend taking the first before you go out the door and the second somewhere after the 5 mile mark. You can take them both during the run, but taking one before the run makes one less thing to carry and less water you have to worry about during the run.

Long Training Runs
We recommend using one or more gels on all of your long runs in preparation for a marathon. Our general rule of thumb is to consume no more than one e-Gel pack every five miles. If you run 6 minute miles, you would consume no more than one every 30 minutes. If you run 12 minute miles you would consume no more than one per hour, etc. However, if you are not able to maintain the recommended hydration plan during the run, then you should reduce your gel intake accordingly.

During your run you will deplete your glycogen stores and it is recommended that you replenish this energy with a good carbohydrate source. Consuming a pack of e-Gel with a tall glass of water will quickly replenish 150 calories of expended energy along with critical rehydration. The amino acids in e-Gel are designed to reduce lactic acid build up and aid in recovery, while e-Gel's antioxidants help protect against tissue damage and reduce muscle soreness.

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