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The BEST rewards program in the industry

This innovative program rewards customers for turning their friends and training buddies on to e-Gel and e-Fuel. Each time one of your referred friends makes a purchase on cranksports.com, you receive an instant credit in your "Crank Bank". These credits equate to 10% of the purchase price. Refer a few friends, and before you know it, you'll earn enough to Eat Free (or at least cheap!).

Best of all, once you have referred a friend, you will automatically receive a credit for every future purchase - there's no need to do anything else. Most of our competitors don't have a referral program at all, and the few that do just give you a one time credit for your friend's first purchase. That's a terrible deal since new customers usually spend less on their first order, and then much more once they've tried our products. We want to reward you for everything!!
How to Get Started ...
We have lots of great tools to make it easy to refer friends in person, via e-mail or social media. To retrieve your personalized tools you must first be signed into your account. Once you sign in, return to this page and you'll have access to everything you need to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the catch?

There is no catch. The goal is simply to give you the opportunity to eat for less money than you do currently. Best of all, we think you'll agree that our products are superior to the competition - so you'll also be getting good stuff!

Is this some kind of multi-level marketing garbage?

Not at all. You'll just receive credit for telling your friends what you probably would have told them anyway - that we make great products!

Is There a Limit To How Much Credit I Can Earn?

No, but it is limited to how many people you know.

You will earn a credit on every purchase that your referred friends make. If your friends then turn around and refer more friends of their own, you don't get credit for these second hand referrals - your friend does. That way your friends have an opportunity to Eat Free as well.

Everyone Can't Eat Free

We wish everyone could eat free, but realistically it's not going to happen. Remember, the goal of this program is to reward those customers that help us grow the company. So as long as we have room from growth (and right now we're growing like a weed), there will be plenty of opportunity to turn new people on to our products. So if you're willing to spread the word, there is no reason that you can't share in our success.

Do I Need To Purchase Anything?

No, but we sure hope you will. After all, we wouldn't expect you to recommend our products to your friends before you try them for yourself. Also, all on-line purchases are already discounted, so you can immediately start eating for less.

Do I have to Purchase On-line, Or Do You Have Dealers?

We do have authorized dealers, but your credits can only be earned and redeemed on-line at cranksports.com.

Do you sell e-Gel and e-Fuel on Amazon?

Nope. Amazon takes a huge "marketing fee" that would force us to increase our prices. We try hard to provide the best products at very competitive prices, with outstanding customer service. By selling everything through cranksports.com, we can do that, AND we can offer this rewards program to make it even better. If we were on Amazon, there would be no way to track referrals or reward our customers.

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