NO Artificial Colors


The original e-Gel formula developed in 2002 contained colors simply due to the fact that your brain perceives taste in large part based on how a product looks (color, texture, etc.). Obviously the colors added no nutritional value and the number one request that we received from customers was to remove the colors, and we listened. Today e-Gel is the same great formula that our loyal customers rely on, only now there is no added colors. e-Gel is not completely clear (it looks like a light honey) as the maltodextrin and other ingredients do provide some color - but it's all natural.

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The original e-Fuel formula also contained colors for the same reason as the e-Gel. However, since e-Fuel is a drink it is much more important (again to your brain) that it have an appealing look so that you will drink it. The original formula was a liquid concentrate which required the use of artificial colors (natural colors are not stable or long lasting in a liquid solution), but in 2013 we switched e-Fuel to a powder which allowed us to move to all natural colors. Now e-Fuel contains no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners - it's just clean energy!

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