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The comparison between Tailwind Endurance Fuel and e-Fuel is very straight forward. Tailwind is 100% simple sugars and no complex carbohydrates where e-Fuel provides more than 70% of it's energy via long chain complex carbohydrates.

e-Fuel provides approximately 50% more electrolytes to maintain hydration, avoid cramping and injuries and e-Fuel is all natural with NO artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.
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  Calories (8 oz serving) 80 67
  Complex Carbs 14 g 0 g
  Sugars Grams 5.8 g 17 g
  Sugars (% of total carbs) 29% 100% sugar
  Carb Sources Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin is the preferred carbohydrate source for endurance athletes and as such it is the primary ingredient in e-Fuel. Tailwind uses 100% simple sugar that increase the chances of blood sugar spikes and crashes (BONK) and it reduces the amount of energy that can be delivered to the working muscles compared to maltodextrin (more info).

Tailwind's usage instructions recommend using 2-3 scoops per 24 oz of water. The numbers shown in the table above are based on 2 scoops/24 oz (the same amount that is included in a single serve pack of Tailwind). Because Tailwind uses 100% simple sugars (dextrose and sucrose), these carbohydrates raise the concentration (osmolality) of the drink much higher compared to the complex carbohydrates (maltodextrin) used in e-Fuel. Using more than approximately 1.5 scoops of Tailwind per 24 oz will increase the osmolality into the hypertonic range (more concentrated than cellular fluids), thus slowing the absorption rate.

  Sodium 150 mg 80 mg - 200 mg*
  Potassium 60 mg 60 mg
  e-Fuel is designed to provide complete and balanced electrolyte replacement that is critical for proper hydration and to avoid muscle cramping and injuries. The sodium and potassium levels in e-Fuel are designed to meet the American College of Sports Medicine's recommendation for electrolyte replacement during intense athletic activity. See additional discussion below on sodium content.

  Sodium Citrate
  Potassium Citrate  
  Citric Acid
  The Citrates in e-Fuel assist in the carbohydrate to energy conversion process as well as reduce and slow the build-up of lactic acid in your muscles.

  Vitamin E 60% 0%
  Vitamin C 60% 0%
  e-Fuel is one of the few sports drinks on the market that contains antioxidant vitamins C and E to help protect against tissue damage, reduce soreness and aid in the recovery process.

Protein 0 g 0 g
  Neither Skratch or e-Fuel contain protein but there is a lot of mis-information that has been published regarding the benefits of protein in your sports drink. Protein has to go through a digestive process which draws blood away from working muscles to the stomach and intestines. When you are competing in an aerobic activity you want as much blood as possible supplied to your muscles carrying fresh oxygen for the energy conversion process. Consequently, independent studies have found no benefit of protein in a sports drink. Save the protein for your recovery drink. See the following article from the American College of Sports Medicine for a more complete discussion:

American College of Sports Medicine
Failure of Protein to Improve Performance when Added to a Sports Drink

Science Daily
Protein-added Sports Drinks Don't Boost Performance

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* Tailwind's packaging indicates that per 27 gram scoop there are 303 mg sodium which equates to 202 mg sodium per 8 oz serving. However, the packaging indicates that the sodium is derived from 188 mg of sea salt and 115 mg of sodium citrate. It is important to note that these ingredients are not 100% sodium. 115 mg of sodium citrate only contains at most 30mg of sodium (see discussion on slowtwitch.com). In addition, 188 mg of sea salt contains only 88 mg of actual sodium (see reference). So, based on the stated amounts of sea salt and sodium citrate in Tailwind, this would equate to approximately 80 mg of sodium per 8 oz serving. In order to have the stated amount of sodium there would need to be significantly more sea salt, sodium citrate or some other source of sodium beyond that indicated on the packaging.

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The nutritional information shown above for Tailwind Endurance Fuel as published on the company's web site May, 2015. Please refer to the manufacturer's web site or product packaging for the most recent information.

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