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e-Fuel is less than half the price of UCAN and e-Fuel is all natural with NO artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

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  Calories (8 oz serving) 80 80
  Carbs 20 g 20 g
  Complex 71% 100%
  Carb Sources Maltodextrin
Corn Starch
  There has been significant independent research (reference) that has conclusively shown that the use of multiple carbohydrate sources, like the maltodextrin and fructose blend found in e-Fuel, allows the athlete to uptake more energy compared to products that use a single carbohydrate source (like UCAN). UCAN uses starch that they claim has benefits over maltodextrin (both complex carbohydrates), however, the independent research shows otherwise. (see below)

SuperStarch vs. Maltodextrin
UCAN uses what they call "SuperStarch" which is corn starch that they claim has significant advantages over maltodextrin. Both SuperStarch and maltodextrin are complex carbohydrates from corn and to date there has been one study that examined the performance benefits of SuperStarch(2). In the study, nine competitive cycled at a workload prescribed to 70% of their VO2 peak. After 150 min of steady state exercise, the workload was increased to 100% VO2 peak until the subject could no longer maintain a minimum pedal cadence of 50 revolutions/min or the subjectís power output decreased greater than 10% below the prescribed workload.

Essentially, they were doing a test to exhaustion and seeing if the SuperStarch would produce greater results than Maltodextrin, which they used as an active control. What happened was surprising; the Maltodextrin produced a similar (actually slightly higher) glucose response during the time trial, but a far greater glucose level during the after-cycling recovery period (when a second drink was consumed).

Quoting directly from the study:

"Upon completing the 150-min cycling bout, cyclists performed a time trial at 100% VO2 peak to fatigue. Tests revealed that there was no difference between the trials"(2)

  Sodium 150 mg 130 mg
  Potassium 60 mg 95 mg
  e-Fuel is designed to provide complete and balanced electrolyte replacement that is critical for proper hydration and to avoid muscle cramping. The sodium and potassium levels in e-Fuel are designed to meet the American College of Sports Medicine's recommendation for electrolyte replacement during intense athletic activity.

 Potential Stomach Issues
  Xanthan Gum None yes
  Gum Arabic None yes
  Fiber None yes
  UCAN contains Xanthan Gum and Gum Arabic that according to WebMD can cause gas, bloating, nausea, and loose stools (read side effects).  e-Fuel doesn't use these ingredients or sugar substitutes (such as those found in Hammer HEED, Cytomax, etc.) that can have similar side effects. Fiber slows the digestive process and can also cause stomach distress during athletic activity. Using ingredients that cause stomach distress is the last thing that an athlete would want to deal with, so none of these ingredients are found in any of our products.

  Sodium Citrate
  Potassium Citrate
  Citric Acid
  The Citrates in e-Fuel assist in the carbohydrate to energy conversion process as well as reduce and slow the build-up of lactic acid in your muscles.

  Vitamin E 60% 0%
  Vitamin C 60% 0%
  e-Fuel is one of the few sports drinks on the market that contains antioxidant vitamins C and E to help protect against tissue damage, reduce soreness and aid in the recovery process.

Protein 0 g 0 g

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(1) Jentjens, R. L., et al. (2004). Oxidation of combined ingestion of glucose and fructose during exercise." J Appl Physiol 96(4): 1277-1284.

(2) Roberts MD, et al., Ingestion of a high-molecular-weight hydrothermally modified waxy maize starch alters..., Nutrition (2010), doi:10.1016/j.nut.2010.07.008 

The nutritional information shown above for Tropical Orange UCAN as published on the company's web site May, 2015. Please refer to the manufacturer's web site or product packaging for the most recent information.

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