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Go HARDER, FASTER, LONGER with Crank Sports!
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"I recently completed a half-iron distance triathlon with a brutal bike course. At the end of the ride my quads started to cramp. I nursed an e-Gel over the first mile of the run and the cramps abated. I thought it may have been coincidence, but when the cramps resurfaced at mile 7 only to resolve with another e-Gel I was sold. I only drank water on the run and took e-Gel, so I feel confident that this product made the difference. " (read more)   

Bruce English
Product: e-Gel
Sport: Triathlon
Waynesboro, Virginia
User since: May 2008

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EFS Liquid Shot Gel

First Endurance EFS Liquid Shot Gel is fairly new to the market and is improvement in some areas over many traditional gels, but it still comes up far short of e-Gel in terms of electrolyte levels and carbohydrate sources.

EFS Liquid Shot does not come in individual packets, so for the purposes of this comparison to e-Gel we have used 150 calories of each product. The first thing that jumps out is that EFS Liquid Shot contains 50% simple sugars, that's the highest level of all energy gels on the market that we are aware of (you should be looking for low levels of simple sugars and high levels of complex carbohydrates). As for electrolytes, e-Gel contains 50% more sodium, the most important electrolyte for maintaining hydration and avoiding cramping. Amazingly, even when purchasing EFS Liquid Shot is the 2,400 calorie bulk jug, the cost per serving is 18% more than e-Gel.




EFS Liquid Shot


  Calories 150 150
  Carb Grams 37 g 37 g
  Carb Sources Maltodextrin
Glucose, Sucrose
  Sugars 18% 50%
  Complex Carbohydrates 82% 50%
why you want complex carbs
and NOT simple sugars

  Sodium 230 mg  150 mg
  Potassium 85 mg  108 mg

 Amino Acids    

  Sodium Citrate  
  Potassium Citrate  
  Citric Acid

  Vitamin E 120% 0%
  Vitamin C 120% 0%

 Other Ingredients    
  Vitamin B6 10% 0%
  Caffeine none none

  Retail Price $1.59 $2.25 (flask)
$1.88 (jug)
  Cost Per 100 Calories $1.06 $1.50 (flask)
$1.25 (jug)

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Maltodextrin is the preferred carbohydrate source for endurance athletes and as such it is the primary ingredient in e-Gel as well as most other good products on the market. EFS Liquid Shot contains sucrose (aka table sugar), and with 50% sugars EFS Liquid Shot has the highest level of sugars of all leading energy gels (that's not a good thing).
e-Gel is the ONLY energy gel that is designed to provide complete and balanced electrolyte replacement that is critical for proper hydration and to avoid muscle cramping. EFS Liquid Shot is better than most gels in this area but still comes up far short of e-Gel. e-Gel has 50% more sodium and the electrolyte levels in e-Gel are designed to meet the American College of Sports Medicine's recommendation for electrolyte replacement during intense athletic activity.
Amino Acids
The amino acids in e-Gel and EFS Liquid Shot are designed to reduce lactic acid build up, maintain muscle protein and aid in recovery.
The Citrates in e-Gel assist in the carbohydrate to energy conversion process as well as reduce and slow the build-up of lactic acid in your muscles. EFS Liquid Shot does not contain Citrates,
e-Gel and GU are two of the only energy gels that contain antioxidant vitamins C and E to help protect against tissue damage, reduce soreness and aid in the recovery process. EFS Liquid Shot does not contain antioxidants.
Vitamin B6
e-Gel is the only energy gel to include vitamin B6 which assists in the energy conversion process.
EFS Liquid Shot does not contain vitamin B6.
While caffeine may give a temporary mental boost, unfortunately it is a diuretic, meaning that it causes your kidneys to produce more urine - thus promoting dehydration. Proper hydration is critical to optimum performance, and in our opinion caffeine should not be incorporated into your sports nutrition program. Our recommendation has always been that if you feel that you NEED caffeine, then only use a caffeinated product (there are plenty on the market) near the end of your competition when you need the psychological boost the most and there is little time to cause dehydration. We strongly recommend against relying on a caffeinated product for the duration of the competition.
At retail, a pack of e-Gel sells for $1.59 for a 150 calorie packet. EFS Liquid Shot is sold in a 400 calorie flask for $6.00 bringing the cost to $2.25 for 150 calories. EFS Liquid Shot is also sold in a 2,400 calorie bulk jug for $30 bringing the cost to $1.87 for 150 calories.


The nutritional information shown above for EFS Liquid Shot as published February 2011. Please refer to the manufacturer's web site or product packaging for the most recent information.

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