Go HARDER, FASTER, LONGER with Crank Sports!
Go HARDER, FASTER, LONGER with Crank Sports!
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Another Satisfied

"I sweat a lot and this was a problem last year. I didn't know how much sweat and salt I would lose when I workout. I cramped on every race last year, which took me from being in the top 5 in every race down to 10-15th place. Not that this is bad, but considering that me a former bodybuilder could of kept up with the veteran racers, well let's just say pride is all I'll ever win in these races. I started using e-Fuel & e-Gels at Sea Otter in Laguna Seca and I was blown away." (read more)   

Tony Madrigal
Product: e-Fuel
Sport: Cycling
Sonoma, California
User since: April 2005

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