Go HARDER, FASTER, LONGER with Crank Sports!
Go HARDER, FASTER, LONGER with Crank Sports!
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Another Satisfied

"I LOVE e-Fuel and e-Gel!!!! e-Fuel is the best tasteing sport drink ever!!!!! and e-Gel puts a hole new stage on energy gels. Its got to be the taste. Keep up the good work. By the way who ever made this yum stuff is brillaint." (read more)   

Bailey Drake
Product: e-Fuel
Sport: Climbing/Hiking
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
User since: February 2005

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Before you buy our Schwaggle Deal of the Day take a look at the competitive comparisons and ask yourself: what's in your bottle?

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Complex carbohydrates for sustained energy supplemented with electrolytes, antioxidants and amino acids, all with the unparalleled convenience of a liquid concentrate. Now you can quickly and easily mix a high performance hydration drink in your sports bottle or backpack hydration system.

Achieving Optimum Performance 

During athletic activity your body depends on your glycogen stores as its primary source of energy, and to a lesser degree on your body fat. Fat is an inefficient fuel source in comparison and therefore you are not able to achieve optimum performance when relying on fat as a significant source of energy. During endurance sports this raises a dilemma because your glycogen stores can only hold about 2,000 calories. Depending on your diet prior to your workout or competition, you may actually have significantly less available energy in your glycogen stores.

Fortunately there is a third source of energy - blood sugar. The beauty of a good sports drink is that it is rapidly absorbed in your small intestine, thus providing energy in the form of blood sugar that can supplement your glycogen stores. However, not all sports drinks are created equal, and if you want to achieve optimum performance then it is important to use a product that will deliver maximum energy to your body while also maintaining proper hydration and electrolyte balance.

Carbohydrate Sources
When selecting a sports drink, don't just look at the calorie count - look at the carbohydrate sources. Because of the way sports drinks are absorbed by your body, you should look for high levels of complex carbohydrates and low levels of simple sugars. e-Fuel derives 67% of it's carbohydrate energy from complex carbohydrates (maltodextrin), significantly more than the leading sports drinks (see chart below). Because of this, e-Fuel provides up to 50% more energy than other isotonic sports drinks containing glucose, sucrose and dextrose (how is that possible? more info). Equally as important is the rate at which energy is delivered to your body,  and e-Fuel's sustained energy formula is designed to avoid blood sugar fluctuations that lead to the dreaded "bonk". In addition, every serving of e-Fuel contains our unique Antioxidant Blend, Amino Acid Blend and Vitamin B6 to enhance your athletic performance. e-Fuel is also 100% Gluten-Free.

e-Fuel - The first Liquid Concentrate Sports Drink

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How Does Your Sports Drink Stack Up?

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are registered trademarks of Pacifichealth Laboratories, Inc.

The Ultimate in Convenience 
Sports drinks typically come either in a ready-to-consume liquid drink form or as a powdered concentrate. Ready-to-consume drinks (Gatorade, etc.) are convenient when you're looking for something healthy to drink at the local 7-11, but concentrated products are easier to transport and mix as desired. The problem with powder concentrates is that they are often difficult to mix in cold water or odd shaped containers (narrow mouthed bottles, backpack hydration systems, etc.) and they tend to spill during mixing leaving a sticky mess. Also, if the powder is exposed to moisture then you are left with an unusable clump.

The ultimate solution is a liquid concentrated form, and e-Fuel is the only sports drink on the market today available in this form. e-Fuel's liquid concentrate system (Rapid Mix) is the ultimate in convenience for serious athletes who want to transport, mix or consume the product on the go. Since e-Fuel is a liquid it instantly blends with any temperature water - unlike powders. e-Fuel is also the perfect product for quick and easy mixing in backpack hydration systems either in your kitchen or out on the trail. Measuring isn't a problem either, as one easy-open packet makes 24 ounces - the most common water bottle size. If you use a 50, 70 or 100 ounce backpack hydration system, simply use 2, 3 or 4 packets of e-Fuel.
Customer Success Stories
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Designed to easily carry in your backpack or equipment bag, one easy to open and dispense pack makes 24 oz of e-Fuel.

Tropical Blast, Mountain Rush and Citrus Slam

Formulation (per 8 oz serving)

Energy - 70 carbohydrate calories from a blend of glucose polymers (maltodextrin) and fructose that is designed to provide sustained energy delivery. That's nearly twice as much energy than your body can derive from the leading sports drink in an isotonic state.

- 130 mg of sodium and 50 mg potassium

No fat and no protein
(since it is designed to be consumed during athletic activity)

Antioxidant Blend
- to protect tissues by neutralizing free radicals that are produced by the muscle's use of oxygen during intense athletic activity.

Amino Acid Blend
- designed to slow lactic acid build up, fight muscle degradation and assist in maintaining focus and concentration.

Vitamin B6
- assists with the conversion of protein to energy, and research has shown that your body looses vitamin B6 during intense athletic activity.

Balanced Formulation
- e-Fuel is designed to provide complete hydration, sustained energy and balanced electrolyte replacement.

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