Marathon PR Confirm


Congratulations, you’re in!
We’re looking forward to being a part of your marathon training and your attempt to run your fastest marathon ever! Don’t forget the next step:

Get Your e-Gel
For the most part this is an honor system because we obviously can’t verify that you use e-Gel in your training and racing. We do require that you order e-Gel here at prior to your race to give you time to train with the product. Using e-Gel in your training runs will allow you to train harder and longer than you would otherwise, thus improving your fitness going into race day. Since the goal is to run your fastest marathon ever, we ask that at a minimum you incorporate e-Gel into your long runs and then follow our recommendations on race day (see tips below).

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Spread the word!
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Marathon PR Program

Training Tips
One of the golden rules of running a marathon or any endurance event is to not change anything on race day, and this applies to your nutrition as well.

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Race Day Tips
Once you have put in your mileage and properly trained with e-Gel, you will be ready to turn in that PR on race day (or be a first time finisher).

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