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We’re so confident that e-Gel will help you run your fastest marathon ever (or finish if it’s your first), that we’ll guarantee it! If you don’t run a PR (personal record) we’ll give you a free box of e-Gel or a credit that can be used to buy e-Fuel or anything else on our site. Even if you’re an experienced runner or beyond your running prime, that’s okay! To get started, see below.

How can we be so confident? Check this out:

12 reasons to try e-Gel
12 reasons to try e-Gel

Can a gel really make a difference?
To run a marathon you obviously need to put in milage and months of training. The training is the hard part, but if your race day nutrition isn’t dialed in then you will not run your best possible marathon. Too many people make the mistake of using the wrong products (too much sugar, solids instead of liquids, etc.) … they may finish the marathon, but they could have performed better.

Customer Proof
Don’t just take our word for it, read these e-Gel customer success stories to see how e-Gel has helped other athletes perform their best.

We’re here to help!
After you sign up (free), we’ll send you tips and strategies leading up to your race to help make sure you have the best race possible!

Ready to get started? Follow these easy steps:

The deadline to enroll is January 31, 2020. The enrollment form will ask the race and date in 2020 that you are going to attempt to set your PR (or finish if it’s your first).

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This step isn’t required, but greatly appreciated. The last time we ran this program more than 80% of the runners successfully ran a PR, so this time we want to help even more runners. Please consider posting this on social media to help spread the word … and to let your friends know that you’re training to run your fastest marathon ever (or your first)!

This is the hardest step, but hopefully with e-Gel it will be your easiest race ever!

For the most part this is an honor system because we obviously can’t verify that you use e-Gel in your training and racing. We do require that you order e-Gel here at at least 30 days prior to your race (preferably longer) to give you time to train with the product. Using e-Gel in your training runs will allow you to train harder and longer than you would otherwise, thus improving your fitness going into race day. Since the goal is to run your fastest marathon ever, we ask that at a minimum you incorporate e-Gel into your long runs and then follow our recommendations on race day.

training with e-Gelrace day recommendations

After your race we’ll send you a link to tell us your results. If you don’t run a PR we will uphold our end of the guarantee (give you a free box of e-Gel or credit that can be used to buy e-Fuel or anything else on our site), but we’re hoping you have great news to share with us!!

Ready to get started?

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