You're in!!

Here's more details on getting ready for the 3 hour challenge

This information is also being e-mailed to you along with additional details of the challenge.

ride, run or whatever you like!

It doesn’t have to be on a trainer, you can use a stationary bike, a treadmill, rowing machine, etc., or any combination as long as it’s 3 hours straight!

shooting your video
Videos should be between 30 seconds and 1 minute in length. If you use your phone in time-lapsed mode it will still be way to long, so you’ll need to use a video editing app to make it shorter. One trick is to speed it up as much as possible, save it, and then do it again until it’s short enough. You can obviously edit and splice as necessary to get the overall length down and add creativity to your video. In your video you should have some kind of a visible clock so people can see the three hours elapse, you want people to appreciate your work! Bonus points: if you’re an e-Gel and/or e-Fuel user, we would obviously love for you to use them in your video:)
get creative!

We’ll be reposting videos and taking a vote for the grand prize winner, so get creative with you video!

You can do your ride and shoot your video when ever you like. However, the posting of videos on Instagram will start on Monday February 21 and end on Monday March 21. Please hold off posting your video until 2/21 at the earliest as we will be promoting the challenge at that time. Our recommendation is to use the time now to plan ways you can have fun with this!
spread the word!

Follow us @cranksports on Instagram so you see the videos as they come in. Also, if you have friends that want to join in on the 3 Hour Challenge, send them this link:

how and what to post

This challenge is being run through Instagram so you will need an Instagram account. Your video should be posted as a reel (and to your story if you like). Reels are limited to 60 seconds, that’s why we’re asking you to stay within this limit. If you want to post a longer version somewhere else in addition to your Instagram post (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) go for it!

We’re running this promotion to get others to workout, but obviously to promote what we do here at Crank Sports as well. With that in mind, we ask that you either use text on your videos and/or tell people in the video what you are doing. Mentioning our company, e-Gel, e-Fuel, the Crank Sports 3 Hour Challenge, etc., whatever you like. We’ll leave it up to you how and what you want to do, it’s part of the reason we’re going to send you free e-Gel and e-Fuel!

IMPORTANT: tag @cranksports and use the hashtag #cranksports3hour so we can find your video

We would appreciate if you would also tag @CharonLSmith, as he was part of the inspiration behind this challenge.

we'll be right there as well!

On kick off day, February 21st, Mike (Founder of Crank Sports) will be posting his own 3 hour challenge video and possibly some others from the team here. We wouldn’t ask you to do anything we wouldn’t do ourselves!

We’ll see you back here on Feb 21!!