This innovative program rewards customers for turning people on to e-Gel and e-Fuel – friends, training buddies, social media followers and anyone else you have the ability to reach. Each time one of your referred “buddies” makes a purchase on, you receive an instant credit (1 crank point for every dollar spent) in your account. You can use the points on your next order, or you can save them up for a larger discount.

Best of all, once someone is tied to your account, you will automatically receive a credit for every future purchase – there’s no need to do anything else. Most of our competitors don’t have a referral program at all, and the few that do just give you a one time credit for your friend’s first purchase. That’s a terrible deal since new customers usually spend less on their first order, and then much more once they’ve tried our products. We want to reward you for everything!!

how to get started
You first need to sign in to your account (or create one for free if you’re new here). Once you are signed, return to this page and your customized referral instructions will be here for you. It’s that easy! Just tap below to get started: sign in or set up your account now
frequently asked questions

what's the catch?

There is no catch. The goal is simply to give you the opportunity to save money on e-Gel and e-Fuel.

is this some kind of multi-level marketing program?

Not at all. You’ll just receive credit for telling your friends what you probably would have told them anyway!

is there a limit to how much credit I can earn?

No, but it is limited to how many people you know or reach on social media. You will earn a credit on every purchase that your referred friends make.

do I need to purchase anything?

No, but we sure hope you will. After all, we wouldn’t expect you to recommend our products to your friends before you try them for yourself.

coupon websites NOT allowed

Submitting and/or publishing your referral number on a coupon website is strictly prohibited. This is NOT the intention of this program. All referrals and referral credit will be deleted and your account will be removed from our system.

do you sell e-Gel and e-Fuel on Amazon?

Nope. Amazon takes a huge “marketing fee” that would force us to increase our prices. We try hard to provide the best products at very competitive prices, with outstanding customer service. By selling everything through, we can do that, AND we can offer this rewards program to make it even better. If we were on Amazon, there would be no way to track referrals or reward our customers.