Welcome to Sherpa, your customized sports nutrition guide that will provide the education and resources to improve your sports nutrition plan and achieve peak performance. Sherpa is an extension of our company tagline: “Be Your Best”, the philosophy that you can do all the training, buy the best equipment, etc., but if your nutrition isn’t dialed in then you won’t achieve your best. Whether you use our products or not is not important, there’s lots of great products on the market and some athletes like to make their own. Sherpa will help you no matter which path you choose!

sherpa guide

Not sure if you should use energy gels, sports drinks, bars or chews? Do you have problems with cramping, stomach issues or running out of energy? Sherpa Guide will point you in the right direction!

sherpa analysis

Sherpa Analysis generates detailed reports showing your energy expenditure and what your plan should be for energy, hydration and electrolyte replacement during your training or competition.