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Liquids vs Solids

Protein bars, energy gels, chews, hydration drinks, fruit … what should you use? Making the right selection can significantly improve performance.

Hydration, What You Need to Know

Hydration not only helps you to avoid cramping and injuries, but it’s also the transport vehicle for good stuff (energy and electrolytes). Fail on this one and you’ll never achieve your potential.

Stomach Issues

Many sports drinks contain Stevia, Xylitol and other artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes. Beware because these ingredients can be the cause of intestinal issues, cramping, bloating and worse.

e-Fuel videos

6 Reasons to Try e-Fuel

Most drinks are loaded with sugar and/or sugar substitutes, but not e-Fuel. Watch why the complex carbs, low sugar and no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners will make a difference for you. We call e-Fuel Just Clean Energy!

e-Fuel vs. Tailwind

Tailwind and e-Fuel both do a great job of hydrating and providing electrolytes. But when it comes to fueling (energy), tailwind is made with sugar and e-Fuel is instead loaded with complex carbs. Watch why this is a huge difference.

e-Fuel vs. Skratch

Skratch is another product that is made with sugar and more sugar. They even like to say it’s “real sugar”! Ther better solution is “real complex carbs” like you’ll get with e-Fuel.

e-Fuel vs. Cytomax

Lots of differences here. If you’re a Cytomax user you’ll want to see what you’re missing.

e-Fuel vs. UCAN

Both UCAN and e-Fuel provide you with complex carbs, but there are some major differences between the two products.

e-Gel videos

12 Reasons to Try e-Gel

e-Gel is the best performing energy gel on the market, let us tell you why!

e-Gel vs GU

e-Gel may not be as well known as GU, but bigger doesn’t always mean better! If you’re a GU user, watch this and you’re going to wonder how well you could have been performing all these years!

How To Eat an Energy Gel

Do you ever have a problem with gel packs hurting the corners of your lips/mouth? This quick tip will solve the problem!