electrolytes in the energy gel

We put the electrolytes in the gel, but why is this important?

With 230 mg of sodium and 85 mg of potassium, e-Gel has 4 times the electrolytes of GU and most other gels. Electrolytes are critical to maintain hydration and to avoid cramping and injuries – but why do they have to be in the gel?

Energy gels have to be taken with water in order to be properly and rapidly absorbed. If you try to use a sports drink with your gel in order to get your electrolytes, it’s a recipe for disaster. The combined solution of the sports drink and the gel in your gut will be too concentrated (hypertonic), thus not allowing it to be rapidly absorbed. The result can be stomach discomfort, gas or worse. With other gels, the way to get your electrolytes is with some sort of electrolyte supplement. But this is one more thing to buy and one more thing to figure out how and how often to use. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Since the fluids and electrolytes in energy gels are absorbed via osmosis, we know how much water travels with the gel when it is absorbed. Taking this into account, we have designed e-Gel to provide 500 mg of sodium and 200 mg of potassium per liter of absorbed fluid, which meets the recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine for electrolyte replacement.

e-Gel has been doing this since 2001, and this is where the name e-Gel came from – it has all of the electrolytes and the energy you need, right in the gel. Just use e-Gel and water, it’s that easy.

e-Gel Electrolyte Energy Gel

Electrolytes is just one reason that e-Gel is the best performing energy gel. Take a moment to learn more, see how e-Gel compares to the competition and read our customer success stories