Crank Points:
Two Ways to Save Money!

points every time you order
Each time you make a purchase you will earn 1 crank point for every dollar you spend. Your points for the order will be displayed at the top of your cart before you check out. As soon as your order is processed your points will be credited to your account (click “my account” and then click “points”), or just click this button:

my crank points

refer your friends and training buddies
Refer your friends and receive an additional point for every dollar they spend as well! Best of all, once you have referred a friend, you will automatically receive a credit for every future purchase – there’s no need to do anything else. Most of our competitors don’t have a referral program at all, and the few that do just give you a one time credit for your friend’s first purchase. That’s a terrible deal since new customers usually spend less on their first order, and then much more once they’ve tried our products. We want to reward you for everything!!

how do you refer your friends?
For complete instructions click here:

how to refer your friends

what are points worth?
25 points = $1.00 and you can use them right away or save them up for future orders.

tracking your points
In your shopping cart you will see the points you are earning for the current purchase. After your order is processed your points will be credited to your account. To see your available points and a history of how you earned and used them go here:

my crank points

redeeming your points
If you have available points you will see a note at the top of your shopping cart with the available balance. You can use them on the current order or you can choose to let them accumulate for as long as you like and save up for a free order… it’s up to you.