Clubs and Teams

program overview for 2022

For 2022 we have continued to enhance our partnership program for clubs and teams. This program is by invitation only with approved application of clubs and teams based in the continental United States.

Bronze Level
Club branded discount code for all club members

Since this is a public web page we do not disclose discount levels here, but your Crank Sports representative will communicate this to you directly. Your club discount will initially be valid for 90 days (1 quarter). We conduct quarterly reviews of all clubs at which point you may be considered for upgrade to Silver or Gold level. In order to remain in the program we look for a minimum of 25 purchases throughout the quarter.

Silver Level
Increased discount level

If your club members make a total of 50 purchases during the quarter (an average of 4 per week), this is the threshold to be considered for the Silver Level. We understand that many clubs have 25 members or less and hitting this threshold probably won’t happen. That’s okay, that’s why we have the Bronze Level. We don’t want anyone pushing their members to make purchases they don’t want to make. We just want to lay out the parameters so that you know ahead of time what to expect. The larger the group, the more efficient it becomes for us, thus allowing us to pass on additional savings.

Gold Level
Private branded area of Crank Sports web site
Automated branded discounts, no codes required

If your club members make a total of 150 purchases during any quarter, this is the threshold to be considered for the Gold Level. At this point we provide our highest discount level, create a private branded area of the site and build automated discounts into all of your member’s accounts.

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact us!