e-Fuel vs Skratch Exercise Hydration

The comparison between Skratch and e-Fuel is dramatic. Skratch is 95% simple sugars and virtually no complex carbohydrates. e-Fuel provides twice the energy, more electrolytes and anti-oxidants, and it cost about 40% less!

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Calories (8 oz) 80 40
Complex Carbs 14 g 0.5 g
Carb Sources Malto- dextrin Fructose Cane Sugar Dextrose
Sugars 29% 95%
Watch this short video (right) to see why the complex carbohydrates in e-Fuel can provide you with significantly more energy than the sugars in Skratch. The beauty of a good sports drink is that it is rapidly absorbed in your small intestine by osmosis with no digestive requirements. Another way of looking at this is that the water in your sports drink becomes the transport vehicle for the other good stuff in your drink (energy and electrolytes). However, in order to be absorbed, the fluid in your intestine has to be an equal or lower concentration than your body fluids. The measure of fluid concentration is called osmolality. The osmolality of Skratch is approximately equal to your body fluids (isotonic), thus allowing it to be rapidly absorbed – that’s a good thing. The beauty of complex carbohydrates is that because of their larger molecular structure you can get much, much more energy in an isotonic solution compared to a drink made with simple sugars. Case in point, e-Fuel is also isotonic but it contains twice as much energy as Skratch – that’s an even better thing!! Both drinks will be rapidly absorbed, both will keep you hydrated, both will replenish your electrolytes … but e-Fuel will provide twice the energy. Bottom line, if you’re an endurance athlete there isn’t enough energy in Skratch to keep you going, you need to get more energy from somewhere. Skratch recommends that you drink your hydration and eat your calories Bad idea for sever reasons The logic is that you want to absorb the drink fast to stay hydrated so you shouldn’t load it with calories. Instead they recommend drinking Skratch and eating other foods to get your calories. Unfortunately this logic just doesn’t make sense for three reasons: Problem # 1 It all ends up in the same place Once you start eating and drinking it all ends up in your stomach …. the Skratch, the banana, the PowerBar and what ever else you decide to eat. Guess what, the osmolality of the fluid in your stomach just went up and the absorption rate slowed or even came to a halt. Not a good thing. Problem #2 Digestion Most foods that you eat contain proteins, fats and/or fibers. Once one or more of these are introduced to your stomach they have to go through a digestive process. When you are doing aerobic activity the blood supply to your stomach gets shut down in order to maximize blood flow (and oxygen) to the working muscles for the oxidation process. More oxygen = increased performance (just ask Lance). Digestion of those foods you just ate requires blood flow back to the stomach and away from the working muscles … and that sound you just heard was your performance dropping. Problem #3 Delayed Energy We all know that bananas are one of the most common foods consumed by endurance athletes, but do you know how long it takes a banana to leave your stomach? Try 3 hours and 15 minutes! Eating solid foods as Skratch recommends during typical workouts or competitions might taste good and satisfy your craving for food, but it does little if anything for your performance. Note About Ultra Endurance Athletes If your an ultra athlete competing for 20+ hours the normal rules don’t apply to you. You are going at a slower pace so you can afford some blood to go back to the stomach to work on digestion. And if it takes 4+ hours for the banana to kick in that’s okay!

Electrolytes e-Fuel Skratch
Sodium 150 mg 180 mg
Potassium 60 mg 20 mg
Electrolytes are critical to maintain hydration and to avoid cramping and injuries. Both e-Fuel and Skratch do an excellent job of providing electrolytes.

Citrates e-Fuel Skratch
Sodium Citrate
Potassium Citrate
Citric Acid
Citrates assist in the carbohydrate to energy conversion process as well as reduce and slow the build-up of lactic acid in your muscles.

Antioxidants e-Fuel Skratch
Vitamin E 60% 0%
Vitamin C 60% 18%
Antioxidant vitamins C and E help protect against tissue damage, reduce soreness and aid in the recovery process. There’s virtually no antioxidants in Skratch.

Other Ingredients e-Fuel Skratch
Vitamin B6 10% 0%
Vitamin B6 assists in the energy conversion process

Pricing e-Fuel Skratch
Price $29.99 1.96 lb Canister $14.45/lb As low as $27.99 $12.45/lb $19.95 /lb
e-Fuel is sold in a 2 lb canister for $26.99 ($13.65 per pound). A one pound bag of Skratch sells for 50% more at $19.95 per pound. Get e-Fuel for as low as $11.50 per pound when you buy more…

Our customers tell it best…

Patrick Binienda

“I just finished a multi-day event where I ran through the Benton MacKay Trail, start to finish, over 287 miles – fueling almost exclusively on e-Fuel. Each day consisted of an average of 35 miles across some of the toughest mountain trails in the Eastern US. e-Fuel carried me through 9 days with little other nutrition except dinner meals. I have always suffered from over/under hydration using other fuels – e-Fuel is the most complete and efficient fuel I have used. My mountain adventure was a great success largely due to e-Fuel.” …
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Smyrna, Georgia
Sport: Running

Shaun Gallagher

“After having difficulty in races where my gastric system would ‘lock up’, I found that I simply couldn’t handle gels and electrolyte pills frequently enough to support my needs. The calorie content and large amount of electrolytes in e-Fuel were a perfect balance for my training and racing needs. Because e-Fuel mixes fast and easy, it was easier for me to increase the concentration without worrying about trying to swallow a thick, clumpy drink. At Ironman Wisconsin I raced with 2 bottles of 4x concentrated e-Fuel (800+ calories per bottle) on the bike as my primary nutrition. Using eFuel helped me surpass my goal and register a 13 hour finish time with no cramping or stomach problems. ” …
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Tampa, Florida
Sport: Triathlon

David Tucker

“I’m training for Ironman Florida and during the summer months here in Florida, long bike rides take me into some really hot and humid weather. I’ve been struggling for 6 weeks with cramping every time my ride hit 60-65 miles in length. I read about e-Fuel and after two rides of 80+ miles with no cramping, I’m a believer!” …
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Brandon, Florida
Sport: Triathlon

Jerry Sanders

“Been using your products for sometime now. Took a bit of a break from them, and decided to try some other brands. Using the competitors products, I was continually having leg cramps after 60 miles of riding. I switched back to e-Fuel, and no more cramps! Just finished a 110 mile 11000 feet climb this weekend! Couldn’t have done it with out e-Fuel!” …
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Glendale, California
Sport: Cycling

Carl Gordon

“I have to tell you that this stuff is great. I haven’t done any thing really long yet, only rides in the 50-70 mile range, but the effects are great. Makes the hills a little less painfull and the recovery is much better. It also mixes well and tastes as good or better than the competition. I would like to really praise you on your excellent service. Your web site is perfect. I recieved prompt information regarding shipping and receiving of my shipment. You guys knew I got it before it did. That’s kickin.” …
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Plano, Texas
Sport: Cycling

Kevin Brice

“I have been using e-Fuel and e-Gel for about 6 years for training and racing in triathlons, running events and cycling events. It is the one product that has continuous energy supply without highs and lows. I have especially liked having all my nutrition needs on the bike premixed in my drink, so I don’t have to fumble with gel packs on the bike. At age 47 I am amazed that I am still getting faster and going farther, and I attribute part of that to having a proper energy source and electrolytes during events.” …
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Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Sport: Triathlon, Running, Cycling

Myk Nelsen

“I used to use another product but ended up in the emergency room twice for dehydration within a month and since I started using e-Fuel I have not had that problem. I think I will be using your product for quite some time, thanks for everything!” …
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Jacksonville, North Carolina
Sport: Triathlon, Running

Tim P.

“I needed something that wouldn’t cause an blood sugar spike. I tried e-Fuel and haven’t looked back. This product helps greatly during races and allows me to ‘trickle in’ calories that will not have deleterious effects on my gut or performance. ” …
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WyCo, Kansas
Sport: Ultra Running

Shawn Carlisle

“I attempted a Big Bear Mountain Ride which summits at 8443 ft. Without e-Fuel and failed. 1 month later with e-Fuel, the ride was no problem. This is the BEST sports drink I have tried. Better than Accelerade or Cytomax.” …
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Highland, California
Sport: Mountain Biking

Dave Hinman

“I try to bike pretty hard for an hour or longer each morning. By the time I’m finished my clothes stick to me and I feel both drained and exhilarated. I’ve tried sampling almost every sport drink I can buy in Portland and I think e-Fuel is the best. It’s not overly sweet, seems to do a good job replenishing what I’ve lost, and doesn’t make my blood sugar spike.” …
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Portland, Oregon
Sport: Cycling

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