We are giving away 10,000 packs of e-Gel to clubs and teams to help introduce more athletes to the benefits of e-Gel. This program is only open to groups in the continental United States. Please understand that we do not have the marketing budget to select all groups at this time, so we appreciate your understanding if your group is not selected.

  • Tell us a little about your team/club and why you're interested in e-Gel
  • To support as many groups as possible, we ask that groups in the program help cover the cost of shipping which we have estimated below. If selected, would you be willing to cover this cost?
  • Based on the size of your group, this is the estimated cost of shipping:
  • In addition to this one time shipment of gels, we also provide sponsorship to a select group of teams and clubs. Our team/club sponsorship program provides discounted pricing on e-Gel and e-Fuel to your current members. There is no cash or financial awards as part of this program. Discounts are to be used for team/club members only. If accepted, we will requested a list of your current members so that we can set them up on cranksports.com to receive your authorized discounts. Would your group also be interested in being considered for sponsorship for 2021?
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