I’m not one to typically use these type of supplements but the weather made me nervous about bonking. With e-Fuel, I never got that empty feeling. My energy was consistent throughout my workout. The taste was fine, not overpowering in any way. And I didn’t experience any nausea or gi problems that often accompany these type of products.

Ruben Ramirez

I am an avid cyclist who was using Skratch and then I read an article about the e-Fuel and e-Gel so I decided to give them a try, sure glad I did. I have more energy and stamina and it tastes awesome. At 65 I still enjoy the ride.

Kitty Robinson

When I tried my first e-Gel, I was pleasantly surprised by the pleasant taste and thinner consistency. I had tried other gels before and was always turned off by their thickness. I began to use e-Gels in all of my long training runs and followed the advice given on the website religiously. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt when using your gels! I was stronger during my runs, my mind was clearer and my recoveries were a breeze! I ran my first half with the e-Gels and took several minutes off my time previous half time, felt great the entire race and was clear and coherent after the race.

Carrie Berg

I have been using e-Gels and e-Fuel since 2005. I like the consistency and flavor of the gels. My stomach appreciates the low sugar content compared to other brands. I have completed 11 marathons, 5 Half Ironmans, and 2 Ironmans using these products. And I may be 50, but I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. I now have several training partners using Crank Sports products.

Larry Navarro

I raced my mountain bike this weekend … had some Radical Raspberry e-Fuel in my hydration pac … felt pretty good … forgot to take my Cherry Bomb … e-Gel…did my 11 miles and my muscles were spent and shaking …and about to cramp up completely! ! I took my Cherry Bomb … and within a minute … i stopped shaking and my sweating was done!! I was totally amazed … and at 49 years old …. I have tryed everything! ! I am loving it! ! Great taste and it actually works!

Mike A

Excellent products. Terrific customer service!

I came across the e-Fuel at the Surf City Marathon in California in 2013. I have been a avid user since. The taste is great – it’s not a sticky sweet product. It mixes faster than any other nutrition product. With e-Fuel, I know exactly what I’m getting during multi-hour events. It’s light on the stomach and consistently refreshing. I’ve tried many products over the years and typically get tired of a product after a while; three years and I’m still lovin’ it!

Customer service shipments to Maryland has always been quick and responsive.

Todd Houston

I competed in my first Sprint triathlon using only e-Fuel and e-Gel products. They went down incredibly easily, and didn’t give me that sickly feeling the high sugar products do, when you are going all out. When setting up for transition, the e-Fuel mixed perfectly (even in the 40deg F weather), and tasted great; not to sweet. Took a Cherry Bomb gel in on the bike …

Mike Atchley

e-Gel quickly became my favorite energy source. For long endurance rides or my daily 25-30 mile practice rides e-Gel gives me the boost I need to finish my rides without bonking. Plus it tastes much better than the other gels on the market.

Thad Butcher

I have been training for the Kansas 70.3 triathlon and doing some experimenting with my nutrituion. I have found e-Gel to give me the most energy of all the gels I have tried. More importantly they have not caused any stomach problems and they really taste GREAT. I did a BRICK today and felt better than I ever have.

Thanks for the great product and help in getting me prepared for my race this summer.

Fillmore Crank

Average Joe review….I am scuba diving instructor and for my birthday I decided to start some running. As I began to train for running I was introduced to the ‘other’ gel. It did not do much for me nor did it taste very good. I discovered Crank e-Gel on my own and orderd the trial pack to see if it worked. The answer: YES and it tasted better that the other stuff. The energy levels are more sustained and not as ‘peaked’ as some of the others. I am so pleased with the results I get that I am not only using e-gel for my runs (I am only doing half marathons at this time) but also for my scuba diving as well. I love the hydration and energy I get from e-Gel in between my 2nd and 3rd deep dives and my half marathons. e-Gel really is SUPERIOR to all the others. I am just a regular guy, master scuba diver, sky diver, commercial plot, mountain biker and now a half marathoner…I am 60 years young and very e-gelerized!!