Alan Cherney

Sport: Running

I recently bought a couple boxes of Tropical Blast e-Gels. This was my first time buying any of your products. I was going to buy more GU packs (which I had been using for over a decade for marathon training) and my running buddy said I should give these a try instead. I know it’s usually a dumb idea to buy two boxes of something you’ve never tried, but I just needed to get this task off my list and your product came with high recommendation, so I went for it! The first time I tried it was around mile four of my next long run. The flavor BLEW MY MIND. Of course, I was in a state of desiring sugars and salts, so my impression may be skewed. I spent the next mile debating whether this was the best gel I’d ever tried or simply the best food I’d ever eaten. I’m hooked. Thanks for making this product.

Alan Cherney