Heather Keller

Sport: Cycling

My husband and I started using e-Gel seven years ago. We had tried everything available in local stores – nothing stood as well as e-Gel for us. We are long distance bicycle riders and now motorcycle riders. Look in our packs and you will find two things, packets of e-Gel and e-Fuel and then a baggy of ‘USED’ products from each outing. We are always giving e-Gel to fellow riders to help when their product has let them down. The overall experience of fellow riders is less bonking and longer ride times.

Now for the non-human story. My little West Highland White Terrier, Brodie, attends our rides with us. On a recent return trip Brodie seemed tired and hot as we live in Arizona. Checked with the vet who indicated some type of electrolyte product was needed. With explanation of ingredients and permission from the vet, I put e-Gel in his water bowl, added water and ice. Much to my delight, Brodie lapped almost 4 ounces up and with in just a few minutes was feeling himself. We are sold on e-Gel even for our 4-legged friend.
Brodie and Heather

Heather Keller