Jeff Rommel

Sport: Running

I typically alternated between GU and Roctane on my long runs and Nuun drink tablets in my water bottle. During long training runs, I started having a few stomach issues that I thought were caused by meals the nights before those long training run. During a 50K, I had issues half way through the race and knew it was the Roctane. Cheese quesadillas saved the day, but I decided it was time for something new. I found the Crank Sports website and liked the easy to use comparison chart. I thought I’d give e-Gel a try.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any testing time before my next race. I had to break the golden rule and try something new on race day. I loaded my belt with e-Gel and crossed my fingers. I ran the Houston Marathon and it was a great experience. No stomach issues and no muscle cramping. Water in my bottle and an e-Gel every hour got me through the race. I set a PR and did not feel destroyed after crossing the finish line.

I am big fan of Mountain Rush and Cherry Bomb and those flavors will be loaded in my belt from this point forward.

Jeff Rommel