Joni Fournier

Sport: Triathlon

I have had nothing but GREAT experiences with e-Gel!! In training for my first Ironman and trying to prepare the right nutrition plan for race day, I was introduced to e-Gel’s and have never looked back.

I was convinced that after consuming nearly 18 of them during my first Ironman, that it would take a while to want another one, but I was wrong in that I actually craved one the day after the race!

It is my favorite part of training and of racing, I LOVE being an endurance athlete even more b/c I can consume the vanilla strawberry slam after long periods of time, so it encourages me to get out for longer training runs/rides, it is like a treat 🙂 Sometimes I even sneak one in on a rest day just b/c i love it so much!!

I love that it has the higher calories and I can really focus on the swim/bike/run and don’t have a ton of math to figure out in my head for nutrition, i can really enjoy the event instead of worrying!!

Joni Fournier