Kenny Caldera

Sport: Cycling

I was to attempt the Tour de Tucson, AZ Platinum time minus 5hrs – 111 mile bike ride. This would be my fifth year attempting to ride this grueling race, under 5hrs. Platinum; I failed in my past four attempts, not to mention hundreds of miles and hours of Training. This year I was determined. The nite before the race, my family and took a stroll to visit the many sponsored booths on hand. I was tactfully grabbing all the calories and gels I could get my hands on. As we stopped at the e-Gel booth, a very polite gentle man asked me If I would be riding the Tour. I told him my story, he calculated my weight and calories needed, he said, this is all you will need. take one every half hour. I did, I never cramped and stayed comfortable I came in 4:56 Platinum. I am convinced e-Gel, helped get me there

Kenny Caldera