Real Stories from Real Customers

Crank Sports designed e-Gel and e-Fuel to be the most advanced energy gel and hydration drinks available. Here is more evidence that we've succeeded:

Madeleine Kayser


I use both the e-Gel and e-Fuel. I play Ice Hockey 2 – 3x per week, and actually had a real test with the product. We had an ice hockey tournament, and the scheduling of the games were not too much in our favor… 10am, then 4pm, then the following day 5pm and 6:30pm (if we make it that far). I used them in all 4 games, had one of my best performances ever and did not get dehydrated, fatigued or lose my focus. We swept the tournament. As a woman of 40 playing goal, and my equipment weighing 43lbs dry and playing for only 4 years, these 2 products are better than anything out on the market, not to mention, extremely conveniently packaged! Just received my second order 2 weeks ago, in a more timely manner than expected. I highly recommend both to any athlete. Works like a sport!