Michael Lao

Sport: Cycling

When I was a driver for FedEx Ground, I would have been having a minimum of ten hour days, five days a week, without having enough time to have lunch. I am a cyclist, so I tried out various gel fuels. After trying out just about everything, I found e-Gel and e-Fuel at a runner’s shop in Simi Valley, CA.

Foot Pursuit saw that I was exhausted, and they just recently received their first shipments of e-Gel, so they asked me to try it out for them and let them know what I felt.
I tried out the Vanilla Strawberry Slam, and I could feel it flow through my body within 30 seconds. It was as if my body’s chi was on an amplifier; and this was on a friday in the middle of my route…45 hours of work w/o lunch for the week. It was a lower price than the leading companies, but it didn’t fade as early or even crash like the others did.
I use e-Gel for sustaining and boosting my energy, and e-Fuel for recovery now.

Michael Lao
Los Angeles,