Sandra Marbut

Sport: Basketball

I am a college basketball coach who runs marathons. I know the value of gels from marathoning and love my e-gel on the road. Our basketball team was suffering from a decline in energy at the end of the game, and I thought about what it feels like at mile 24 of a marathon…and got them to try it. Not being familiar with gels they weren’t too sure of it at first and looked at me like I was crazy. At first they didn’t like it. They weren’t used to the consistency. I knew e-Gel was the best tasting stuff on the market, but I had tried all the others – this was their first time with anything like this. But after the first game, they realized how much energy they had and how much better they felt afterward. Now in our second year, I see the returning players put an arm around the shoulders of the freshman and give them the old ‘when I was your age…’ talk. They all say the same thing…’Trust me, once you find out how much they help, you’ll be happy you tried it!’ My team swears by the value of e-Gel now and we can tell the difference in how much longer they can play at a high level. Thanks e-Gel!

Sandra Marbut
Pasadena ,