Sandy Meyerowitz

Sport: Running

After running 7 marathons, for my 8th LA marathon I have finally found a solution to hitting the wall and not running out of fuel. Also it is SO amazing how I can now drink all the water I need along the way and not have to hit the potty at all. The rep at the expo told me I wouldn’t have to go to the bathroom at all, after drinking 14 oz of water with the gel every 5 miles and I told him he was absolutely nuts. My usually weak bladder was in disbelief !! He was so right.

What a great product I found at the LA Marathon expo booth. My stomach normally can’t tolerate any of the other gels and the snacks I used to eat on the races, would not fuel my body well enough, but e-gel really agrees with me and tastes and goes down WAY better too. Amazing product-THANK YOU!

Sandy Meyerowitz
Valley Glen,