Susan Hill

Sport: Running

I hadn’t run for about 10 years, and then at age 45 I decided to start running again to get into shape. I increased my mileage to a point where I could start running with a friend of mine who was planning to run the Ogden Marathon. I begain running some long runs (I had never ran more than 10 miles before) and decided to run the marathon with her.

I stumbled across your website, and decided to order e-gel for my long runs. They tasted great and I liked the consistency of the product a lot better than other e-gels I had tried. I used the e-Gels from October until I ran the marathon in May and they really gave me the boost I needed!

I am now training for the Moab 1/2 Marathon and will continue to use e-Gels and tell my friends about them. Thank you!

Susan Hill