Dave Kumler

Sport: Hockey

I am an on-ice official in the AHL and I want to share my story about e-Gel. First off, Im skeptical about the claims of any product that promotes any energy benefits as typically they are mostly sugar and/or caffiene. I found e-Gel through a fellow official who used it at NHL training camp and said it helped him through the tough physical process that they are put thru at camp.

My pre-game ritual is basically stationary bike, stretching and a cup of coffee to get the jolt needed to skate hard for 2 hours. My job as linesman requires me to sprint repeatedly and physically separate anyone who fights throughout the game. We get no breaks, no downtime, no relaxing…I need my energy level to remain constant. I had yet to find any product that satisfied my requirement. I tried GU, Clif Shots and the like, but found that I was still needing something to get me thru the last half of the game. With e-Gel, I found it.

e-Gel takes care of all my needs from its potassium and sodium content to its long lasting energy. My routine now is to take 1 packet pre-game and 1 packet between the first and second period, this has been the routine now for 3 years. Im proud to say that Im an EGel user and will now be trying EFuel as a booster when needed.

Thanks to all at Crank Sports for a great product….


Dave Kumler