Diane Goedde

Sport: Running, Hiking

I have used your e-gel and e-fuel to enhance my running experience but this story is not about running. My family and I took a trip to Nepal and did the trek into Everest Base Camp. On our fourth day of treking we were at 16,000 feet and got caught in a blizzard. The temperature dropped quickly and the wind was howling. My 9 year old son started having problems. He was getting very cold, even with his storm gear on, and wanted to sleep. If we came close to a large rock he would lay his head down and try to sleep. Carrying him was not an option we wanted to use because he would have gotten colder. We tried to get him to eat some chocolate but he would not take in very much. I finally got him to eat an e-Gel and start drinking some e-Fuel. The recovery was amazing! Within 10 minutes he was talking up a storm and forging on. We were at our camp site an hour later and he was running around playing with some of the village children. I am not sure what we would have done without the e-Gel and e-Fuel. We take it everywhere with us now.

My husband is a trail runner and has started using your product. We both like the fact that we don’t have the sudden drop in energy that we find when the other energy gels wear off. We also have noticed that we recover more quickly when using the e-Fuel.

I also wanted to let you know that I have been very impressed with your service. My orders come quickly and I have never had trouble with a wrong order.

Diane Goedde
Red Lodge,