Leslie Campbell

Sport: Cycling

On July 8th I rode the Prouty 100 mile fundraiser for cancer at Dartmouth in NH with Debbie Chase and Carrie Nourjian. We finished in 6 hrs and 40 minutes and felt great the whole way thanks to e-Gel and e-Fuel. kept a consistent energy level during the ride by switching from e-gel one hour to fuel the next. Not bad for 3 women around 50 working fulltime trying to make time for rides in-bewteen busy schedules. There were 2000 riders that day who raised over a million dollars for cancer research;great effort everyone. The most important thing for me to mention about the use of the e-products is that I never have stomach problems or cramps anymore, can feel the energy instantly after ingesting either the liquid or the gel and always feel like I can keep going even when I am tired from a long ride. e-Fuel is great to drink while spinning inside during the winter also. Love the products and keep coming back for more.

Leslie Campbell