Gregory Allen

Sport: Triathlon

I’ve been racing bicycles (USCF Masters 123) and triathlon for over 15 years. I’m 42 years old and generally place in the top 5 in my age group in olympic distance triathlons. By most people’s standards I’m overly focused on details. I have training logs going back to 1989 detailing every workout. I have a downloaded record of heart-rate, time, and altitude for every run or ride that I have done since 1995.

Through all of this I have always had a problem with leg cramps in the 2nd to 3rd hour of an event depending on intensity. This is particularly a problem in bike racing where it generally comes down to a hard effort in the last 3-5 minutes.

I have tried virtually every nutritional supplement that has been available over this period. My latest solution was Gatorade Endurance with additional salt poured into the water bottle. I’ve been using e-Gel and e-Fuel since January of this year. It is the only thing that I have changed in my training and racing protocol. I did Lavaman olympic distance in Hawaii and never cramped (2nd). I did Wildflower olympic distance in California and never cramped (4th). I’ve done both of these races a number of times in the past and cramped every time. I haven’t cramped on any long runs or rides this year.

I know it is a short sample period. The combination and concentration of electrolytes in the Crank products seems to have solved my problem. I’ve never written a testimonial before, nor do I take much stock in them. None of this may work for you. It seems to work for me.

Gregory Allen
Mill Valley,