Hans Harris

Sport: Canoe Racing

My name is hans harris and i only resently started to use your products. I am into canoe racing i have tried other gels (gu, powergel,etc.) and i liked their taste but they didn’t sit well in my stomach. I was for the first time last year entering a 70 mi. race the general clinton in N.Y. I wanted to find a gel that did upset my stomach and thats when I found e.gel. I was leary on ordering a gel online but am I ever glad I did! Not only does it taste great but it sits well too. So that is why I have orderd e.fuel for this years race I’ve only used it twice during a couple 5 to 6 hrs training runs what a diffrence its not like gatorade that gives you a sugar rush and quits e.fuel goes the distance! also when you have to eat and drink on the go you need stuff that can be consumed fast with out upsetting you. I think e.fuel & gel are going to make this years 70mi. race that much more enjoyable! I am 100% satisfied with your products. My hats off to all of you at Crank sports for an out standing product.

Hans Harris