Mingo Velez

Sport: Mountain Biking

Never believed in these drinks. Thought it was all a marketing scam just like Gatorade. Now, I never leave without an e-Fuel drink on a long bike ride. I recieved samples at a running event and decieded to try it on a mountain bike ride. I noticed a huge difference than just comsuming water and snacks. I thought this was a fluke. The next time I used the product I had much more stamina and a very strong bike ride. Also I never feel as wasted from a long ride. After serveral more rides you have made me a customer. Joined Crank as a member to order in bulk (a case of e-Gel and e-Fuel). Even ordered a T-shirt to show my support for your product. Order was at my door step in one day. Thanx for the great product.

Mingo Velez
Mission Viejo,