Bill Ramsey

Sport: Ultra Running

In ultrarunning, nutrition is a critical component to success and Crank Sports e-Gel has made a significant difference in my athletic performances. I mix a packet of gel with every 20 oz. water bottle I drink during training and competition.

I traveled east to do the Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run (14,000 feet of climb), my first race after turning the age of 50. While my training had gone well, I felt over-trained. My expectations were not high, but I went ahead and stocked my drop bags with Crank e-gel and said a prayer. The race began at 4:00 am Saturday, July 19 and unfolded beautifully. I maintained a steady and strong pace the entire day, and while I felt capable of breaking 20 hours, I eased up for the last 10 miles realizing the Angeles Crest 100 lay only 8 weeks ahead and wanting to save a little. I crossed the finish line in 20:28:12 (12:28 a.m. Sunday morning) with a smile on my face and sense of total satisfaction. What an awsome experience.

I ran my 9th straight Leona Divide 50 Miler in the Angeles National Forest west of Palmdale. I used e-Gel the entire race. I actually got stronger late in the race and at the 49 mile mark passed the 3rd runner in the 50-59 age group and put 3 1/2 minutes on him in the last mile. I was still accelerating when I hit the finish. What a great experience to run my fastest time on the course ever and take home hardware (3rd place men 50-59) in 9:09:07. Next year, with e-gel, I look to crack the 9:00 hour mark.

Thanks, Crank Sports for making a great product.

Bill Ramsey
Aliso Viejo,