Joel Berman

Sport: Cycling

I’m 61 years old, skinny and got back into cycling a few years ago. I found that I had very little stamina and thought it was age related. Some of it is. I found using gels gave me more energy and improved performance. My home is on a small hill and when I ended each ride I tried to power up the hill but found that my legs had no energy left. Started using e-Gel a few weeks ago and find that I have longer lasting energy than using other gels like GU. I rode a route a week ago without a gel and yesterday the same route with a gel. Using the gel my speed was over 1 mph faster than the last week plus I felt stronger. At the end of my ride, I was surprised to find that I could power up the hill home for the first time. Not sure if its sodium, electrolytes or the added calories but it just works!! I’m a convert. My only complaint is that I’m not wild about all the flavors but I’m sure I can get use to them. The gels just work and that’s the bottom line.

Joel Berman
Boxford ,