John Ballew

Sport: Cycling

I rode the Cheaha challenge this year in May and was not sure that I was ready for 100 miles and 9,800 feet of climbing. This ride would be the most challenging that I have attempted as of yet. So beginning in January of 2017 I began training with lots of hill training. I researched many types of gels and hydration fluid and i read an article on Crank Sports e-Fuel and e-Gel, I liked what I read so I decided to try both. So, when the spring time got here and the Alabama Backroads Series began I rode most of the 107 miles i the first ride using the e-Gel and e-Fuel, was impressed. So I decided to use both e-Gel and e-Fuel in the Cheaha Challenge that is advertised as the toughest ride in the south. I rode the entire 100 mile ride using the e-Fuel and e-Gel, being that this was my first ride of this caliber with so much climbing, I cramped a little at 50 miles and again at 80 miles, I blame that on me not hydrating quick enough. The e-Gel and e-Fuel did what it was suppose to do while riding. When I did cramp I took on an extra e-Gel and hydrated with the e-Fuel and within 10 minutes or so the cramping went away. This product does what it says it does and I would recommend it to anyone that rides a bike or exerts themselves with endurance exercise’s. I completed the Cheaha Challenge 2 hours before the course closed. Thanks to the e-Gel and e-Fuel providing the nutrients that I needed to finish, I felt pretty good after the ride was completed.

John Ballew
Union Grove,