Kevin Brice

Sport: Triathlon, Running, Cycling

I have been using e-Fuel and e-Gel for about 6 years for training and racing in triathlons, running events and cycling events. It is the one product that has continuous energy supply without highs and lows. I have especially liked having all my nutrition needs on the bike premixed in my drink, so I don’t have to fumble with gel packs on the bike. At age 47 I am amazed that I am still getting faster and going farther, and I attribute part of that to having a proper energy source and electrolytes during events. I am now training for my first Ironman event and recently completed my first marathon. I did this just 6 weeks after a broken collar bone which caused me to miss a month of training. My longest run leading up to the marathon was 12 miles. I know that my e-gels gave me the energy to go the distance. Thanks for a great product!

Kevin Brice