Melissa Lofton

Sport: Running

I am one of those people who is funny about taste and texture, not to add a weak stomach. I tried e-Gel as a recommendation from one of my friends. Let’s just say I have been a loyal customer for over 2 years. It is true when they say you don’t hit that brick wall and they don’t upset your stomach. The gels are a part of my routine and I can definitely tell the difference in my performance when I don’t use them on a long training run. That lesson I learned very quickly. Each time I take one, it’s like my body is refueled and I can go further. For me, I am not drained at the end of a 15 mile training run and recovery is nothing like it used to be prior to using e-Gels. Everyone’s body is different. I usually take one every 4-5 miles as that has proven to work best for me. I love them!

Melissa Lofton